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Host has failed the deployment

Thread needs solution
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I have had Acronis Snap Deploy for years. I have just recently uninstalled v5 from my server and reinstalled ver6. I imported the upgraded ver 6 lic and thought I was good to go. 

After trying to deploy an image, I get the rather generic error : Code 1 (0x340001) Module 52, Host x.x.x.x has failed the deployment. 

I don't have anything else to go on. I am trying to distribute an image created in 5. Do i have to remake my deployment images in 6 first? I don't remember that being a thing in the last update, but it's been a while. Any insight? The deployment takes around 10 sec before it fails.  It's unicast, and it's not trying to deploy to anything else at the same time. Thanks!


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Hello Eric,

thank you for your posting! You are right, the images created with the v5 should be fully compatible with the v6. For the testing purposes I'd try creating a new master image though, to check if the issue is specific to a particular image. I'd also recommend starting with the troubleshooting steps outlined in 46997: Acronis Snap Deploy: Troubleshooting Deployment Issues. 

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Do yourself a favour and go back to V5.

V6 is completely broken.