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Backing up Deployment Templates

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I've read acronis KB aritciles regarding deployment templates, and i can't see info about backing up Deployment templates.

I've also looked at the install directory and the program data directory of Acronis.

1. Issue is, i edited a template for antivirus application parameters to run after transferring the msi file and it ends up corrupting the template, so now i have to re-make from scratch.

This makes me worried that they could break at any time, and i plan on having possibly hundreds of different templates over time that become client specific. (Work for an MSP) - i am backing up the server as a whole of course, but i don't exactly want to restore the whole server if a single template breaks.

2. the code that is breaking it is this msi parameter "/i wsasme.msi GUILIC=CLIENTCODEHERE CMDLINE=SME,quiet /qn /l*v install.log



Also just realised under "Application to run" you can only call the "C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe" with 1 parameter only.

if you make another application to run using msiexec.exe you it wont save.

Can have that parameter include && symbols between each command to run multiple application installs though it seems at least..


Michael Carbone

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When reading about upgrading to latest version of acronis, i noticed that it mentioned to backup the Programdata folder (C:\Programdata\acronis).

Realised the templates are in there, so i have a robocopy job just backing these up each day.