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Universal Restore--on old or new computer?

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ATI2016:  I’ll be restoring the .tib backups to a new computer with dissimilar hardware.  Question: on the new computer, do I install the main backup program (updating the license accordingly) and then create the bootable media thru the Univeral Restore Tools section, or do I create the bootable media on the old computer (before transferring the license)?


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Lee, what exactly are you intending to restore here?

If your new computer comes with a copy of Windows 10 installed and activated, then are you intending to wipe this out and restore a copy of Windows from your old computer??

Definitely make a backup of both computers before making any significant changes!

How different are the two computers?  Do they both use the same BIOS boot mode to launch into Windows?  (both using Legacy or both using UEFI to boot).

Do they both have the same version & edition of Windows?? (both have Windows 10 Home etc).

Personally, if moving to a new computer that came preloaded with Windows and all required device drivers for the new hardware components, I would tend to only move my data from the old computer and reinstall the latest versions of any required programs.

Transferring the license for ATI 2016 is pretty straightforward - in essence you install it on the new computer, sign in to your Acronis Account then follow the prompts to move the license from the old computer - this assumes you see a message advising that you have exceeded the number of licenses for ATI and take the option to resolve this.  You could use ATI in Trial mode for up to 30 days if necessary to give time to create rescue media etc.

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Thanks, Steve.  The new laptop computer comes with Win 10 Home activated.  Don't know yet the boot mode but it's a fairly new one and I'm at this point assuming UEFI mode.  The (very) old one is a Lenovo laptop, purchased used, also with Win 10 Home, but don't know how old it really is.  I'll make backups of everything & just try moving the files.  I have MANY software programs installed on the old computer and not really anxious to go thru the reinstall process for those if I can avoid it!