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ATI 2021: wrong value in "data to recover" column

Thread needs solution
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Since several versions ATI (2021 and earlier) seems to have some integer overflow issue. Again and again it displays me a "Data to recover" value of "16'777'167.8 TB" (Tera-bytes!), i.e. >16 Exa-bytes!

Of course such bugs don't exactly increase my trust that the data would be actually recoverable in case of need. :-(

When will this finally be fixed?

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Michael, your topic here is the first time I have ever seen this wrong value being reported, so if there have been others doing the same, then I have missed them!

I would recommend running CHKDSK /F on all the drives involved in the backup operation for Source and Destination, as to my thinking this is more likely to be caused by some form of file system issue with free space calculation etc.

Otherwise, you need to raise this with Acronis by opening a Support ticket but to do so, you would need to demonstrate that the issue exists for the successor to ATI 2021 which is now Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office and is the only supported version.

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Hi and thanks for responding.

I ran CHKDKS but without any result or rather everything OK:

Windows has scanned the file system and found no problems.
No further action is required.

Meanwhile I also ran a backup to a different drive again (I have a backup device at home and another in our holiday home to keep two backups physically strictly separated) and the backup to the latter has never shown such figures, while the one at home shows such garbage numbers on and off since at least 2 years. So, IMHO, that's for sure a bug and nothing wrong with my drive. Will open a ticket...

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Hello Michael ,

I haven't found any known tickets logged for a similar issue. I'd try re-installing the product if not yet.

Meanwhile I also ran a backup to a different drive again 

Just to clarify, does the issue reproduce only with a particular drive or with any location? If the issue is 100% reproducible, please open a support ticket for the investigation.