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Acronis 2017 Bootable Disk on Dell 8940 running Windows 11 not finding disk drives

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I installed Acronis 2017 True Image on my New Dell XPS 8940 which is running Windows 11. I then transferred the license from my old machine and tested a full system backup and select file restores. All is good. I am having isses creating a Bootable USB version that can see/access the two hard drives. 

Errors received:

Acronis True Image has not found any hard disk drives 


I did create a Universal Restore Bootable USB after downloading  WINPE and it does boot and Acronis come up but the only drive it sees is the USB drive. 

Does anyone know if this is a Dell or Windows 11 issue. 

I know the software is old and am willing to upgrade but maybe I don't have to. Anyone advice would be appreciated. 



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In mine and others testing it is apparent that Windows 11 has issue with boot media and installed disks.

Having said that it is possible to use a WinRE media with Windows 11 which suggests that WinPE lacks the necessary drivers for the disk controller to work correctly with your system.

The link below will get you to the ATI 2017 User Guide PDF and beginning on page 128, section 11, is the topic of creating boot media.   Discussed are the procedures used to add drivers to an ATI 2017 WinPE boot media.

The link below can guide you in locating these drivers and adding them to your media:

Injecting Device Drivers in Recovery Media