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Transfer license ATI 2016

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I'm replacing my old dead computer. ATI 2016 was installed on the old PC. I did a full install on the new PC from the CD and entered the serial code. The summary indicates that it's only good for 30 days. I then went to the web site and opened my account. I highlighted my product and chose transfer license. This brought up a screen that says:

That's a 500 error


Something went wrong. Try to refresh page or contact our support.

I've tried numerous times on both Firefox and Chrome with the same result.

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Posts: 2
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Hi Steve,

Thanks for the link. The instructions were very clear. It was easy to do from the "too many activations" page. I must have done something wrong previously because I never got to the screen where I was able to check the name of my old PC.

So thanks again.