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Login Error

Thread needs solution
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I am contacting this because my customer has an Acronis 12.5 login error.

My customer has installed Acronis 12.5 on Linux.
And after using it normally for a while, at some point I couldn't log into the Acronis Web Console.

They entered a normal root password, but they are unable to log in as the user's account or password is displayed as incorrect.

I guided them as follows, but to no avail.
1. Reinstall with the latest build of Acronis 12.5
2. Completely uninstall Acronis and reinstall
3. Try logging in after accessing IP Address:9877 instead of localhost:9877
4. Attempt to log in after entering a user account other than the root account
5. Attempt to log in after changing root password

I would appreciate it if you could let me know how else I can solve the problem.

thank you.

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Hello Lemoning,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

Please ask your customer to collect Acronis System Information after reproducing this issue and upload the result onto an FTP link that I've sent you in a Private Message.

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Hello Maria,

Thanks for your interest in my question.
I uploaded it to the "20220103-Login Error" folder on the FTP you pointed out.

thank you.