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Backup failed with errors

Thread needs solution
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Hi, I'm using Acronis 11.5 on Windows 10. I tried doing a backup of an hard disk (the pc of that hard disk runs Windows 7) and got several errors. The disk I'm trying to backup has 24 GB of data on it.

ProtectCommand: impossibile eseguire il comando.
Informazioni aggiuntive:
Codice errore: 41
Modulo: 307
LineInfo: e6792a5ee190dda7
Campi:  $module : agent_protection_addon_vs_37687
Messaggio: ProtectCommand: impossibile eseguire il comando.
Codice errore: 3
Modulo: 329
LineInfo: 1cd98aae889424f9
Campi:  $module : disk_bundle_vs_37687
Messaggio: Backup non riuscito.
Codice errore: 1060
Modulo: 1
LineInfo: ba19e88dc5fea16a
Campi:  $module : disk_bundle_vs_37687
Codice errore: 25
Modulo: 4
LineInfo: ce542e14da203baa
Campi:  $module : disk_bundle_vs_37687
Messaggio: Errore durante il backup.
Codice errore: 20
Modulo: 4
LineInfo: f35f747b3b21fb39
Campi:  function : FindFirstFileW, filename : \\?\E:\Config.Msi\*, $module : disk_bundle_vs_37687
Messaggio: Impossibile accedere al file.
Codice errore: 65520
Modulo: 0
LineInfo: bd28fdbd64edb8e0
Campi:  code : 2147942405, $module : disk_bundle_vs_37687
Messaggio: Access is denied


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Hello Alberto,

thank you for your posting! Am I correct to assume that you're trying to back up a remote location (the backup Agent is installed on a different machine)? If yes, then the most probable cause for the issue is that some files are in use during the backup operation. When you back up data locally (Agent is installed on the same machine), Acronis uses the snapshot service to back up data on a running system. A snapshot is a technology that allows user to make changes to the system while it is being backed up, e.g. open files and add new information or delete files.

When you back up the network shares, the backup is always created on a file-level. File-level backup means that snapshot is not created during backup.  In case of a file-level backup snapshot is not created, which means that files in use will not be backed up. 

General suggestions are also listed here

I'd also suggest:

  • Check that the file from the error message exists and can be opened.

    Campi:  function : FindFirstFileW, filename : \\?\E:\Config.Msi\*, $module :

  • Check that user has the necessary rights to access the file
  • If the file is located on a network share, check that user has access to that file. Make sure that the file is not in use by a different user.
  • try rebooting the source machine to terminate any process accessing the file
  • As a workaround, the file that produces the error can be added to backup exclusions, if it is not essential