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Trying to clone a GPT partition, how do I do this?

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 Hello all,

I'm trying to clone a 2TB drive over to a new 4TB drive (3.6 usable), and the drive I want to clone is a 2TB GPT partition, but it doesn't give me the option to clone the drive?

 If I convert the 2TB drive to MBR it wants to turn my 4TB drive into a 2 Tb drive?


I'm confused.


 What's the best way to clone my 2TB drive ONTO my 4TB drive using Disk Director 12.



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Hello Robert,

thank you for your posting! In Acronis Disk Director cloning is available for basic MBR disks only. I'd suggest installing a free trial of Acronis Cyber Protect Home Office and migrating your data using the backup\recovery approach instead of cloning. Create a backup of the desired data and then recover to a new drive.

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Backing up data is one of the most crucial things that PC or laptop users conduct. This leads to something that is really required so that, in the event of a hardware failure or loss, your data is unaffected and may be restored if it has been erased or lost from its original storage source. Cloning your drive is not only a good method to generate backups, but it's also a good way to retain your data intact so you may install Windows 10 on another disc with all of the data you had at the moment of cloning. This implies that if you have to install a new disc, you won't have to manually transfer your data; this will save you a lot of time while also guaranteeing that none of your data is lost or damaged. You can clone the disk or a partition of that disk using any 3rd party partition management tool.