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Simple Win7 Clone From SATA SSD to M2VME

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I'm very late to the party regarding the cloning to MVME topic. BUT, I think my question is unique. I'll try to be as brief as possible.

1. System: Asus G72V     2. OS: Windows 7 Ultimate     3. RAM: 24GB     4. SSD Media: 1TB (OS & Applications)

500GB (for files only)

System Upgrade -- I will be receiving an HP Omen gaming computer. I do not play games. I just like the muscle such laptops provide for animation and digital art. The OS will be Windows 11 on a 1TB NVME PCIE drive for OS and productivity software. Via DIY upgrade, I will add a second 1TB NVME PCIE drive for files only.

My only need is to clone the current SSD contents (files only) to the 1TB storage for the HP computer. Nothing else, since first 1TB MNVE will have Windows 11 installed.

Question> Can Acronis 2014 do this? If not, which Acronis product will do it. Reminder, I don't need, nor care for the fancy cyber protection and stuff, I only want to clone files from the SSD 500GB to the 1TB NMVE drive.

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James, welcome to these public User Forums.

First comment is to advise you to forget about using cloning!

Next, check carefully about your proposed HP Omen computer specs whether it does actually support 2 NVMe M.2 SSD (PCIe card) drives?  My reason here is that I am using a HP Omen laptop which only has 1 NVMe M.2 slot along with a standard SATA HDD 2.5" drive.  It is around 3 years old now so perhaps the specs have changed, or else you are getting a desktop type system not a laptop.

ATI 2014 was not intended to be used with Windows 10 or higher versions of the OS, so you are likely to have problems trying to install it on Windows 11 as will be regarded as being incompatible by Microsoft.

The simplest method of doing what you need here is to use a file / folder synchronisation program between the original drive holding the files and the target drive in the Omen.  Windows also has a built-in tool called RoboCopy that you could use too.

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Thank you VERY MUCH for the response. JFYI, my version of the HP Omen has two M.2VME slots according to the sales rep, but only one of them will house a drive (1TB). It will already have Windows 11 on it. Again thank you for your reply, very appreciated.