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Multiple backups running order - what's the logic?

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I have a lot of partition backups I usually run at the same time which means that the majority of them will end up in a queue.

Is there a logic behind the running order of this queue?
- Is it running in the order I started the backups?
- Is it running in the order the backup was created or updated?
- Is it running in the order of the actual backup scripts in Acronis folder?
- Is it running according some other logic?

The reason for the question is that I want the PC to be shut down by the last backup, but right now I can't really see the logic behind the order. Sometimes it seems to change if I make changes to specific backups.

I wish there was an option for setting "Run as last Backup" so that you could be sure it will close down properly.


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I honestly don't know what order Acronis will run multiple backups tasks if they are all scheduled for the same start time!

The easiest way around this is to set the schedule in the order that you want to be used, i.e. the first task at :00 then the next tasks at 5 minutes intervals beyond that start time, and the one that you want to run last at the last schedule time slot.

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I agree with Steve, although I think it should be fine with any interval just as long as the start times are not identical. Since the UI takes times in minute increments, one minute between each backup should be sufficient to accomplish the order you want.

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Thanks for the replies.

The thing is that I start these backups manually, depending on which ones I want to run at that specific moment.
I have a total of 12 different partitions to backup and can't necessary run them all at the same time.

So if I knew that the last backup I would initiate will end up last in the queue, I could have a simple "fake" backup (just a simple file backup) with post command for closing down the computer.

Then I could start any series of backups and be sure that the computer will close down after last backup.

But I currently don't trust the order they are seems to change from time to time, but I will runs some simple tests to see if I can figure out whats happening.


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Hi again!

After some test runs it actually looks like backups are run in the order they where initited, it seems to work as I hoped.

So I will use a simple empty backup task configured for closing down the computer as the last initiated ackup!