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Acronis True Image Home 2009 Error #1314 tyring to run a non-scheduled task

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I have had Acronis True Image 2009 installed on my Windows Vista 64 machine for several years. I've always run into the "Failed to execute the task script. Error #1314..." when I try to create a backup of my C drive if I launch the program from the "Window key"-> All Programs -> Acronis -> Acronis True Image Home -> Acronis true image home. If I launch Acronis TIH using the F11 key or boot the computer with a Acronis Bootable Media, the backup works fine.

There is no entry written to the log-file, only the pop-up dialog box. I am logged in with my personal-also-administrator account when I create the backup task and try to run it during the same session.

I've searched the knowledge base, and found many references to a scheduled job that will cause the error #1314 to be generated, but no discussions around a task that is run immediately after it is created.

I would appreciate any suggestions that will help to resolve this issue.

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If I recall correctly updating the scheduler solves this problem. The scheduler is used even if a job is run manually.

This link has instructions.