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Migrate Easy 7

Thread needs solution
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I have used migrate easy many times in the past with XP and Vista operating systems with no issues what so ever, here is what I would like to do, can someone please shoot holes in my plan before it falls over and I lose everything.

I have a 500GB spinney (not SSD!) Drive with a dual boot configuration and two partitions, one with Windows7 64bit and one with XP 32bit. I would like to transfer just the windows 7 partition to an SSD, I know migrate easy will not allow me to migrate just one partition but will only do the whole disk - so here is my plan...

I have reduced the size of both operating systems by copying and deleting files onto a spare hard disk. Both partitions contain less data than the SSD drive I am installing (combined both partitions are 95GB, SSD is 120GB)

I will use Migrate easy to copy the whole disc onto the SSD reducing automatically the partitions to make it similar to the old drive just a lot smaller. I will remove the old spinney drive to make sure that I can boot into the SSD as I would the old drive and work both operating systems. When I have done that, I will use windows disk manager to delete the XP partition and resize the 7 Partition to fill up the SSD. I will then put back in the old drive and use disk manager again to delete the 7 partition and expand the XP partition to fill the unallocated space. Using EasyBCD I will then reconfigure the boot table to find the XP partition again as technically it will have moved.

Sounds good to me but will this plan work?
Does Migrate Easy work well with Windows 7?

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Hi Again

Is me using the word "spinney" for a rotating or spinning HDD what people are wondering about so as not to answer the question?
Well I am going to give my plan a go, as the SSD arrives to day, and I might even let you know if the plan works

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Just seen your post. No you can't just copy a single partition with ME, you need True Image. ME clones the complete disk as is.

What you could do, though i don't recommend it, is to delete the W7 partition, then clone the complete disk opting for auto size adjustment and then run a disk utility to resize the partition.

I can't see your original post as I'm writing this from an edit, so if it's the W7 partition you want to keep, do the opposite of above. Note, XP won't boot if it uses the W7 boot manager, you will need to remake the MBR that has just the XP partition on it.

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Thanks for the information, using ME I migrated both partitions onto the SSD as the contained data on both partitions was smaller than the target drive, I then deleted the XP partition off the SSD, extended the Win7 Partition to fill up the disc, realigned the partitions using gParted and now I am happily using an SSD. My only problem was that I wasnt carefull enough with the rest of the operations and corrupted the XP partition so I lost that, but for the most part I am happy, most of the important stuff that was on the XP drive is backed up to a NAS anyway so will reinstall later on.