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TI2013 by Acronis 6514 bootable disc does not detect hard drives

Thread needs solution
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As mentioned in my post #133, the only thing you can do is disable UEFI and use basic mode in your bios. Upgrading to 2014 won't help you.

The other Acronis product that will work is "Acronis Backup & Recovery 11.5". The rescue disk will work with UEFI enabled - on a Sony, at least

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Just a further thought, if your system is UEFI 32 bit, you are out of luck currently with True Image, as mentioned above, ABR11.5 will work.


My error, ABR11.5 is not UEFI 32 bit compatible.

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if your system is UEFI 64 bit, you are also out of luck - as is the case with mine

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Colin B wrote:
Brett Mackey wrote:
Tried hitting F10, but did not get any "quiet" message.

That would be because I should have typed F11 not F10.

My laptop is a Sony SVT13125CGS, running windows 8.1 64 bit.

Is this post of any help? http://forum.acronis.com/forum/33773?page=1#comment-106059 (From Grover's Guides).

Collin, I feel for you man, I can't believe this is still going on. I personally have moved my UEFI GPT machines to Macruim Reflect. I nor anyone else experiences any issues at all restoring UEFI GPT disk to same hardware or to new hardware. I did upgrade my MBR machines to 2014, but I expect this to be my last. Its not like UEFI is something new any longer. We shouldn't have to do anything techy other than create our Images and recovery media and restore when needed. I'm moving my machines up to UEFI GPT rather than downgrading any to MBR.