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what product best for Cloning disk to different hw?

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Hello, wishing to "upgrade" my laptop I bought a new 480GB SSD. Now, I'd like to clone the disk of the laptop I'm writing from (non-SSD, 500GB so a bit larger) to the new SSD. It is possible that the old disk has some damaged sectors, they should be skipped.

Once done the cloning, I'd put the SSD into the laptop, replacing the old disk, and I expect to be able to boot the Win7 system.

What Acronis product should I choose? Anything particular I should be aware of?

Thank you!

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Hello ixle pivues,

I would suggest taking a look at Acronis True Image 2016. The software is capable of any kind of data protection: cloning, operations with volumes, backup and recovery to the same or different hardware, booting machine with a Linux-based or Windows-based preinstallation environment (if there is no OS or OS is not bootable). You could start a free trial as follows. Here you can see limitations of a trial version. However the cloning is not available in trial, you can easily create a backup of your SSD and restore it to the new drive. Please also take a look at the following How-to videos. 

Thank you,