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Restore or Clone fails: There is insufficient space in the recovery destination

Thread needs solution
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We have a 1.8 TB HDD that will not clone to a 466 GB SSD.  The space used by the OS etc is smaller than the target SSD.  CHDSK and repair was run on the HDD.   The clone failed so a disk backup was made.  Then restore was run.  The destination SSD cannot be selected using the Acronis boot recovery run from a USB thumb drive and the OS version reports “There is insufficient space in the recovery destination.”  The source uses 259GB storage.  The HDD contains WIN10 x64.


How do we clone and resize the HDD to the smaller SSD?  Thanks

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Rather than cloning have you tried doing a backup then restoring the backup to the new disk?


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Hi Ian,


Yes.  I am not able to select the SSD (formatted new) because Acronis reports “There is insufficient space in the recovery destination”.  This was done using the Acronis recover run from a thumb drive.

The source HDD has three partitions.  The largest has the OS.  If I select the smaller partitions Acronis would proceed but there does not seem to be a point in doing this if the main partition will not transfer.  The partition resize option can only be selected after the source is accepted.  I am using Acronis 2016.

What else do you recommend?  Thanks.

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Hi bluesquid

Check out  Grover's How to-- TIH2012-2013-2014 Restore to larger or smaller diskhopefully you'll find some helpful information there. 

Another discussion on the topic https://forum.acronis.com/comment/427781#comment-427781 

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I am running Acronis 2016, build 5037, on Windows 10.  My backups have failed for about a month, due to lack of space on the target drive.

When I looked in the target drive folder with the Acronis backups, I discovered that the size of the backups had increased by a multiple of about 15 ... from around 10 GB to about 150 GB.

My C: drive, the only drive I'm backing up, has not grown markedly, and still has about 90% of its space free.  So increased data on the C: drive is not the culprit.

Is this a known issue?  If so, is there a way for me to fix this, or at least work around it?  My TrueImage.exe version number is 19.0.5037. 

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Charles in Oakland CA 

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Charles, welcome to these User Forums.

I would recommend using the option to create a New Topic when you want to introduce a new subject rather than add on to a topic that is dealing with something entirely different.

ATI 2016 build 5037 is very old and you should download the latest build 6595 from your Acronis account and upgrade to that latest / final version of this product.

It is difficult to know why your backup size has increased from 10GB to 150GB without having a lot more information, i.e. what is the actual size of used data on your C: drive - I doubt that it is still only 10GB in size, especially if you have been allowing Windows 10 to upgrade to the various new update versions, including the 2 Creators Updates issued over the past 6 - 9 months.

What type of backup scheme are you using, and what is being included / excluded in the backup?

Screen shots can help a lot, as can seeing the backup logs.  You can download / use the MVP Log Viewer from the Community Tools link in my signature to make accessing the logs much easier.

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Thanks for your input.  The input from Ekaterina looks promising but here is how we solved the large HDD to small SSD clone problem.


Acronis 2016 was not able to move files together that were spread across the HDD.  Picture a disk with files on one side a huge gap of empty space then the windows swap files etc.  We used "AOMEI Partition Assistant Standard Edition", which has a similar graphical interface to disk manager, to shrink the partition; all completely free!  The program successfully shrunk the source without any loss of data.  Then a standard Acronis Window-based clone was done with the drives connected to PC SATA connectors.

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Thanks for the update / feedback.  Sounds very much like the source drive was fragmented and perhaps doing a defrag may also have helped here, but shrinking the partition would do the same, so good tip, and thanks for sharing.