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Deploying to Dell Latitude Units using USB-C network adapter

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Hello All -

We've run into an issue while using Snap Depoy 5 and the Dell USB-C ethernet adapters.

Upon PXE booting into Snap Deploy 5 from the client, the machines immediately show up under the deployment console for imaging.

However, when booting another laptop (using the same USB-C adapter as previously used) the machines fail to appear in the deployment console entirely.  Adding the machine by MAC address (which is tied to the adapter) does force the machine in, but it remains in the "not ready" state.  Sometimes this is after a single deployment, sometimes it is after several, but reliably the laptops eventually cease to appear for deployment.

I am guessing the root cause for this may lie in the fact that the USB-C adapter itself carries the MAC address, but our imaging benches are set up with a common set of adapters for use in devices that only have USB-C ports.  As you all know, on-board ethernet ports are becoming increasingly uncommon on ultrabooks, so I'm concerned that this could be highly problematic.

Any advice from the community?  

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Hello David

thank you for your posting! 

A similar issue has been reported to us already. The problem is that MAC address pass through doesn't work in bootable environment with Dell USB type C adapters. The RnD is working on a fix, but unfortunately there is no ETA so far. I would suggest open a support ticket for further analysis or try using another adapter, if possible. 

I hope I could help you with this. If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to post them!