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Can't reinstall 2013 True Image and Upgrades

Thread needs solution
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I was forced to rebuild my computer and now I can't get my True Image or the Upgrades to install, using the original codes. Trying to get help from Acronis is next to impossible. I write tech articles for a national newsletter and I'm certainly going to let our readers know about the issue and lack of customer service.

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Rich, sorry but too little information provided here.

What version of Windows OS are you using here?

What error messages are being given?

See KB 46710: Acronis True Image: Installation Fails in Windows - for common issues.

Acronis supports the current version of True Image for a period of up to one year from being released and up to 30 days after the next new version is available.

You ATI 2013 is long out of support so hardly surprising that you cannot get support for it - it came with only 30-days support from date of purchase or activation.  Acronis changed that support model to the one above from ATI 2018.