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iOS backup in QNAP NAS doesn’t start

Thread needs solution
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Hello expert,

I installed latest Acronis app for QNAP and I added NAS as destination.

Backup starts but never progress.

any idea?

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Same is happening to me. Acronis True Image Mobile 5.1.0 in an iPhone and working with a QNap NAS (TS-253Be with QTS It reads the QR code without problem and starts the first backup, but after 1.09% it starts stopping telling that there is no connection and that the Backup ended and sometimes jumping again into the Backup blue screen to try to continue but returning shortly to the grey screen of backup finished and "No connection" message. Connection is working fine for all devices here but the backup is not working fine. It didn't work reinstalling. The tibx file in the server is not growing after this problem. Somenthing is crashing and the app is not able to manage it the right way. No useful info.

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I wrote a previous comment about this. I detected that there is some kind of error in the Qnap NAS version of the acronis true mobile server. It is possible that the client has a new version of the API and the NAS software is not updated yet. The log in the NAS is related to validate a datetime value as far as I understand. I can't follow it without the original source code. The log says:

2020-11-30T18:55:20:437+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: Assertion failed: IsValid(), file /home/neeraj/nasbuild/ti-main/core/common/time/datetime_lx.cpp, line 266
2020-11-30T18:55:20:530+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x4db426]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:575+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x4df3f8]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:619+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x47aa1f]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:664+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x436a8e]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:708+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x43b52b]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:753+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x444d94]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:797+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x440923]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:842+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: ./mobile_backup_status_server.exe (                                                   )  [0x44b5ea]
2020-11-30T18:55:20:886+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/libhttp.so (                                           + 0x307f8)
2020-11-30T18:55:20:931+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/libhttp.so (                                           + 0x32a10)
2020-11-30T18:55:20:975+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/libhttp.so (                                           + 0x33468)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:020+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/libhttp.so (                                           + 0x3abe2)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:064+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/libhttp.so (                                           + 0x3f49a)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:131+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/libhttp.so (                                           + 0x3d669)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:176+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/liblibevent.so (                                           + 0x11f
9a)  [0x7feeb396ff9a]
2020-11-30T18:55:21:220+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/liblibevent.so ( event_base_loop                           + 0x751
 )  [0x7feeb397ae61]
2020-11-30T18:55:21:265+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /share/CACHEDEV1_DATA/.qpkg/AcronisTrueImage/bin/libhttp.so (                                           + 0x3e07b)
2020-11-30T18:55:21:309+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /lib/libpthread.so.0           (                                           + 0x7324)  [0x7feeb4b68324]
2020-11-30T18:55:21:354+01:00 140663064622848 C0000001B: /lib/libc.so.6                 ( clone                                     + 0x6d  )  [0x7feeb3c752fd]


There is some file with datetime that is not managed well by the server...

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Hello Everyone,

please make sure, your NAS model is supported (here you'll find the list of supported models for QNAP and Synology). I'd also check out the steps outlined in 59581: Acronis True Image: troubleshooting mobile backup. If the issue still persists, please open a support ticket for investigation.