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MBR and Migrate Easy

Thread needs solution
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Will Migrate Easy replicate the MBR as well as all partitions including the Window recovery partition?

Could somebody please help.  I would like to buy this product if I new it would copy over the MBR.

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I'm having the same issue after 99% progress completed. " Operation 3 of 3 copying MBR" "unable to read partition c:"
Bought the product 6.2011 but first use is 3.2012 and now I must pay for tech help. NOT HAPPY!!!

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Not sure how I missed your post, the answer is yes.


What OS are you using and what file system.
Are you starting from within Windows or from the recovery CD.
Have you run chkdsk /r on your complete disk.
Is your PC a Lenovo laptop.

Apologies for no question marks, my QM key isn't working.