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Acronis Backup cannot access local hard disk for recovery on DELL notebook

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I have Acronis Backup 11.7 installed on a DELL Precision 5540 Notebook. 

I created a few backups on an external USB HDD. When I first tried to recover a backup (full partition recovery), Acronis Backup needed to reboot. After reboot it showed a progress dialog. In one of the tabs the progress was on 15%. After staying on this value after a while it just rebooted without any further message shown.

After reboot in the log there were some error messages like "underlying layer disconnected". I tried several times with the same result.

I reinstalled Acronis Backup. After that I did not see any of these past "underlying layer disconnected" error message again. Even when I tried to recover again, the only message in the log is like "Message: To complete execution of the running task, a machine restart is required.". There is not log entry for the part after the restart but the recover itself still does not work.

When I try to boot from the created bootable media, I don't see any internal hard disk - only the external USB drives (HDD & USB stick). The same on another DELL notebook. On my private no name PC internal hard drives are visible.

I also tried to create a "Windows PE" boot media after installing Windows ADK. But in the "Bootable Media Builder" I cannot select my USB stick as destination...

Any ideas how to proceed now?

Thank you

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Hello Marco,

thank you for your posting! 

Unlike Acronis Linux-based rescue media, WinPE-based media cannot be written directly from Media Builder wizard to a USB flash drive. In such case you need to save an ISO image of the media and then use a third-party utility, like ISOtoUSB to write that image to the flash pen drive. Choose FAT32 as file system for the USB stick and mark "Bootable" checkbox.  

Please refer to https://kb.acronis.com/content/46220 for more details.