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Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 1 is available!

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Dear Acronis Community,

this is to inform that Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 1 is available.

Build number: 7641

This update brings bugfixes for different issues and introduces new features:

- mass deployment and upgrade utility for unattended agent deployment;
- detailed managed location statistics are now shown on the location information window.

Below you will find the list of issues fixed in Update 1.

Issues fixed in Update 1

This section describes issues that have been fixed in Update 1.

Installation and upgrade

  • [ABR-133396] In some cases after upgrading from Acronis Backup 12/11.5/11.7, new backup plans cannot be created. The following error appears: "Failed to add account in user profile."
  • [ABR-132880] After upgrading from Acronis Backup 11.7, the "Internal server error 100011" message may appear in the backup console.
  • [ABR-132756] Upgrading backup plan activities may fail during upgrade from Acronis Backup 11.7 Advanced. The following error appears: "POR: Cannot access property by path '.MachineAddress'."
  • [ABR-132350] After upgrading from Acronis Backup 12, e-mail notifications of successful backups are not sent.
  • [ABR-131984] In some cases, upgrading from Acronis Backup 11.7 hangs on 90% for a very long time.
  • [ABR-131872] Acronis Backup Management Server fails to run on the same machine with VMware vCenter Server due to the 8089 port conflict.
  • [ABR-131343] After upgrading from Acronis Backup 11.5/11.7, the user cannot open or mount an archive file in Windows Explorer.
  • [ABR-130913] After upgrading from Acronis Backup 11.5/11.7, the default e-mail notification settings are not preserved.
  • [ABR-122292] Recovering from Microsoft Exchange CDP archives that were created by Acronis Backup 11.5 / 11.7 fails. The following error appears: "The operation is not supported."


  • [ABR-132794] An Active Protection plan cannot be applied to a machine with the Universal license assigned due to improperly applied licensing restrictions.
  • [ABR-131006] The update notification indicator (Settings > Agents tab) shows an incorrect number of agents that need to be updated.
  • [ABR-130967] The backup deletion fails if the backup is located on a USB flash drive. The following error appears: "An unsupported URI is specified."
  • [ABR-130477] Backing up to Acronis Cloud Storage fails and does not re-try properly when the computer loses connection to a selected Wi-Fi network and connects to a different Wi-Fi network.
  • [ABR-130115] Conversion of a BIOS-based operating system to UEFI is not performed when using the backup console to recover a machine to dissimilar hardware.
  • [ABR-126484] The Capacity column shows incorrect information about the space occupied by backups for managed locations on network shares.
  • [ABR-126042] The backup validation activity shows an incorrect progress indicator.
  • [ABR-121569] The backup splitting option is not applied when the backup format is set to Version 12.

Roles and units management

  • [ABR-131855] The "AccountServer.UserGroupNotFound" error appears when clicking the Administrators tab if there are deleted Windows accounts/groups in the list.
  • [ABR-124308] When installing a backup agent or Acronis Storage Node, the list of units is not sorted on the Select unit dialog.

Dashboard, reports and alerting

  • [ABR-122810] Alerts generated upon plan execution failure are not displayed on the Alerts tab for plans other than backup plans. The issue affects separate ValidationBackup replication and Conversion to VM plans.

Acronis Notary (ASign)

  • [ABR-129554] Files from encrypted backups located in Acronis Cloud Storage cannot be signed with the Sign this file version command.


  • [ABR-130030] Conversion of a backup into a Hyper-V virtual machine fails if the backup is created by using direct volumes selection. The following error appears: "No free space."
  • [ABR-125939] After Agent for Hyper-V is installed, virtual machines from the Hyper-V host may appear on the Devices tab in the backup console with a 10-minute delay.

Tape management

  • [ABR-129951] File recovery from a tape-based location may result in a warning if the following conditions are met: the disk-level backup has the Version 12 format and the Use a disk cache to accelerate the recovery recovery option is enabled. The following message appears: "Internal error: not supported." In fact, the disk cache is not used during the recovery operation.

Application support

  • [ABR-133093] Searching for elements within Office 365 backups returns all e-mails instead of the ones that match the search criteria.
  • [ABR-133091] Mailbox recovery from backups of Exchange 2016 Cumulative Update 5 does not work.
  • [ABR-129938] Acronis Managed Machine service may not stop properly on a machine running Microsoft Exchange.

Full release notes can be found here: EnglishJapanese

Thank you!

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