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Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 3.1 is now available!

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Dear Acronis Community,

please be aware that Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 3.1 is now available.

Build number: 10330

All installers and documentation are available here:


What's new in Update 3.1:

  • Greater scalability: the maximum number of physical machines that can be registered on a management server increased from 2000 to 4000.
  • The number of virtual machines that Agent for VMware or Agent for Hyper-V backs up simultaneously can be limited via the registry or the agent configuration file. Unlike the similar setting in backup plan options, this parameter limits the total number of virtual machines for all backup plans that the agent for VMware or Hyper-V runs simultaneously – the system handles it for you automatically.

Issues fixed in build 10330:

Installation and upgrade

  • [ABR-172452] Backup Monitor does not start automatically after an update from Acronis Backup 12.5 Update 2 due to a missing autostart record in the Windows registry.
  • [ABR-160804] The License Server service starts consuming ~10% of CPU when there are ~4000 machines registered on the management server.


  • [ABR-173911] Backup plans with the Convert to a virtual machine option enabled may fail in some cases with the "The password for the protected backup is incorrect" error if the backup archive is protected with password.
  • [ABR-173518] Backup to NFS shares fails if the name of the backed-up machine contains spaces. Applicable to agentless VM backup performed by Agent for VMware or Agent for Hyper-V.
  • [ABR-171198] Collecting system information report from Acronis Management Server fails if the remote Microsoft SQL 2014 instance is used as a database for the management server.
  • [ABR-170852] CentOS 7 does not boot when restored to a Citrix XenServer 7.0 environment.
  • [ABR-170640] Empty .zip is downloaded when restoring a folder which contains " ' " (apostrophe) symbol in its name.
  • [ABR-170140] Files/folders backup of OneDrive folder fails with "The file is read-only" error after Windows 10 update to 10.0.17134 build.

Application support

  • [ABR-174095] Exchange or Office 365 mailbox backup may occasionally fail with the "Can't connect to the mailbox of user Mailbox database guid" error.

Full release notes available in English, Japanese

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