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Recover to VM - Disks on different storage

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I'm documenting our restoration process and have a query about the best way to manage the fact the total amount of data across 2 disks on our production file server exceeds the amount of space available on any one storage volume on our disaster recovery host. The basic setup is as follows: Production Server, Drive D contains 750GB of data and Drive E contrain 400GB of data. I have two storage volumes available to use on our disaster recovery host, both of which are 1TB so clearly I can't restore both disks from the production server to a single storage volume on the DR Host.

The problem is, when I go to "Recover Data" on the Acronis Server Console I would normally select "Recover as VM" and then select "New Virtual Machine". When I do this, one of the items I need to specify is the storage volume where the restore is supposed to go to. I only seem to be able to select 1 storage volume but, as the disks, together, are too big for a single storage volume on the DR Host, ideally I need to be able to select two storage volumes then specify which of these each of the backed up volumes should be restored to.

So... What is the best way around this: 

1. Is there some way I can choose multiple storage volumes as the destination for restored data

2. If not, is is better? quicker? easier? to either perform two separate restore jobs, 1 for each disk, and select different destinations in each job or should I create the VM using vShere before even starting the restore job and then point the disks being restored to disks configured on the preprepared VM?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Paul,

The applicable solution in your case would be to pre-create an empty VM with virtual disks located on different storages and then run recovery into "existing VM" from Acronis Backup 11.7 Advanced interface. From there you will be able to map the volumes from the image onto the pre-created disks and thus solve the scenario.

P.S. With Acronis Backup 12 Advanced release (currently in Beta) there will be a possibility to map disks from the image to different storages with Disk Mapping option available for recovery into "new VM".

Thank you.