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Can't recover backup file from Win dedup disk

Thread needs solution
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i've to recover data from windows file server with dedup disk.

Files recovered by Acronis don't work and i can't mount .Tib backup file because Acronis says that there isn't an archive.

How can i do this?


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Hello Ivan,

The only way to retrieve individual files from a backup created with the enabled Windows deduplication is either to Run the backup as a virtual machine and copy files from the VM or to Mount a volume and copy the files from the mounted volume. See Acronis Backup: how to restore files from backups of NTFS volumes with Windows native Data Deduplication.

Please note, both operations are support for the Disk/Partition backups only. File-level backups cannot be mounted. If you receive an error message, please attach a couple of screenshots that illustrate your actions and the resulting error.