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No Snapshots in Hyper-V visible

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I have a problem with some VMs backing up via Acronis in Hyper-V.

The snapshots are not visible in Hyper-V.

The problem is that Acronis starts to make a Backup everyday at 11pm without an error, but the old avdhx files are not deleted and the hard drive is gonna to get full.

Is there a way to make the snapshots visable in Hyper-V and how can I delete the "old" files?

Thanks for any help.

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Hello Oskar,

Welcome to Acronis forums! Are you sure that the new snapshot files appear exactly after another backup job has been completed? The reason for this question is that we don't use Hyper-V Virtual Machine snapshot to create backups of Hyper-V virtual machines, but Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) instead. 

The agent performs as a VSS requestor to create a VSS snapshot via VSS service on the Hyper-V Server. VSS service uses the Hyper-V VSS writer to quiesce the guest operating system via the Hyper-V Integration Services installed in the guest OS during the VSS snapshot. More details can be found in the article Planning for Backup. See the technet article about Volume Copy Shadow Service technology.

Note that VSS snapshot is not the same as the Hyper-V Virtual Machine snapshot. 

Regarding the initial topic, I've found some discussion on other forums that might be helpful:

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Thank you,