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Synchronization problems between AMS and VAs

Thread needs solution
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We are using Acronis Backup Advanced for vCloud.


We are facing synchronization problems between the VA and the AMS.

As can be seen in the attached images, it happens that there are tasks that at the level of the virtual agent complete around 10:30 PM 06/01/2018 and at the AMS level at 08:54 AM the following day (07/01/2018) the work appears as in process, with a 17% advance. For this example, we focus on the following job: 0109AGESIC-COESYS_System_10PM-Diario-Retencion-15dias.


Additionally, many jobs appear in the "Deploying" state in the AMS and at the VA level they appear as executed + completed, and at the vaults level there are backups of the day.



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Hello Elgogui,

I see that you have opened a support ticket for the issue. Would you kindly share the outcome with the community? Was the issue resolved? 

Thank you!

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Hello! sorry for the delay.

The following is wath Andrey from support explain to me, and wich works really fine, so please, put an eye on it if you AMS starts to increase the number of unprocessed events.
This is not a final workaround, but you have to track the unprocessed events at least on a daily basis.
Thank you!

Andrey says:

It looks like the sync problem lays in the number of incoming logs from the VAs (appliances).

        The same exactly issue is described here:




        To resolve the problem, you should:


        1. Adjust the registry keys on the AMS


        2. You can set the keys to


        Period = 300 (the new value)

        PeriodHigh = 300 (the new value)


        3. Stop the AMS service!

        4. Better to backup the AMS acronis_cms_cards database

        5. Execute the command:


        DELETE FROM IncomingCards WHERE ObjectType= 7 AND Verb=2 AND Stamp NOT IN ( SELECT MAX(Stamp) FROM IncomingCards WHERE ObjectType=7 AND Verb=2 GROUP BY ObjectID, Machine)


        6. Start the AMS service


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Thank you for sharing the update\solution for the issue! I'm sure this will help other users in the same situation