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0x40001 Error on mostly all files

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Hi everyone

We have some frustrating errors in a backupjob of a customer.

Pretty much every file cant be backed-up because of a error with the id 0x40001.

  • All files are saved on an Synology NAS mapped on an Windows Machine with the IP.
  • NAS/backup"host" and the Win/Mac Clients supports SMB3

The error appears when some of the Mac OSX users edit an folder. After this event, mostly all and also untouched files cant be saved with the following log-result:

0x40001: Fehler beim Lesen der Datei.
| Zeile: 0xfba06f330018d90d
| Datei: e:\72\file\ntstream_chunker.cpp:244
| Funktion: ChunkNTBackupStream
| $module: disk_bundle_vsa64_4670
| Fehler 0x40001: Fehler beim Lesen der Datei.
| Zeile: 0xfba06f330018d84f

Also I dont know what is meant with the partition "e:" in the filepath of the log. There is no such partition on our side.


Thanks for your help.


Ramon Egger

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Hello Ramon,

If the issue occurs exactly at times when the files to back up are in use, then this behavior is likely to be caused by the limitation I mentioned in the earlier post. Network shares are always backed up on a file-level which means the snapshot is not being created before starting the backup process. Without the snapshot data is captured on the fly and therefore all files locked by another processes will be skipped. Difficult to say without the more in-depth analysis why the folder is locked, could be NAS settings or another apps leaving their locks in the target location. I'd suggest opening a support ticket to find the root cause.