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acronis running in Background

Thread needs solution
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how do i stop acronis from running in the background? everytime i that i stop it.. it pops back up? i run very intensive live audio & video applications on my computer. i cant have anything running in the background not related to what im doing.

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i was using an oem version of acronis... but i paid for an upgraded full version of the program.... is their a way to revert back to the oem...

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Hello Major James III,

Thank you for opening the thread and please accept our apologies for the delay with the response. We will do our best to handle your request without any procrastination in the future.

I entirely understand your concern and will be glad to assist you. There is surely a way for you to obtain the refund for the upgrade purchased and return to the oem version. But I would appreciate if you could kindly give us a chance to assist you with the issue.

We will need some additional information regarding the case so that we could successfully identify the problem, so could you please kindly provide us with: 

  1. - Download AcronisInfo
    - Run the downloaded file.

    The gathered information will be put in AcronisInfo.zip in the same folder, where the AcronisInfo was saved.

    This information will allow us to take a closer look at the Acronis product state and logs.

  2. Could you please provide us with the exact sequence of actions that lead to the problem you report, so that we can reproduce it?
  3. The screenshot of the issue.

Please kindly contact us with the information gathered.

Should you decide you prefer to obtain the refund - just let me know, I will definitely help you with it.

Thank you in advance for cooperation!

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I have Acronis 2016 True Image and need to stop it from running in the background. It's slowing down my computer. Please tell how to accomplish that. Thanks!

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Hello Arthur,

Thank you for your posting! This thread will be helpful. Next time please post all questions related to Acronis True Image 2016 in the dedicated forum section: https://forum.acronis.com/forums/acronis-true-image-discussions/acronis…

Thank you, 

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well, that was helpful....