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Segmentation Fault

Thread needs solution
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Please help...i got  message 'Segmenttion fault' when i run # ./AcronisAgentLinux.i686

the file permission already change to excutable

My Linux kernal 2.6.18-92

glibc 2.5-24.i686

Any idea ?  Please help


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Hello Mohd. Faizal Md. Yusof,

Thank you for using [[http://www.acronis.com/enterprise/ | Acronis Corporate Products]]

Could you please do the following?

- Download a free checksum utility from http://www.irnis.net/files/xcsci.exe
- Unpack and run the application. Browse and select the installation package you have downloaded;
- Click the "Start" button;
- The MD5 value for the installation package must be a88cd05d63f201890e7dd069c103787a

If the MD5 value is not a88cd05d63f201890e7dd069c103787a then you need to re-download your Acronis product.

You can learn more on how to download the installation file here.

Thank you.


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alternative solution


"installer.file --help"


"installer.file -s"