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Acronis Backup for VMware 9 - Restore the vm* files

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Hello Is it possible to restore all files from a virtual machine? I can restore the machine two different ESXi Server, or restore files they exist into a backup but what I doesn’t know is it possible is to restore the original vmdk, vmx and the other files of the virtual machine to a share. Is this not possible or how can I do this, Thanks Bruno

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Hello Bruno,

welcome to Acronis forums!

It is possible to restore either the entire VM or files from that VM, the special virtual machine files restore is not supported.

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Hello Maria,

thanks for the fast answer, is this also not possible with is the latest version?


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Hello Bruno,

I'm afraid, recovery of a VM as set of files is not available in the current version of Acronis Cyber Backup. It is only possible to convert a disk-level backup to a virtual machine and save it as a set of files.