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Bacukup failed - Pls help

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We have Acronis for Vmware and our backup is failing with logs below. How do I interpret as to what's going on and why it's failing just by looking at the logs below. Is there a tool or something to interpret these logs. I want to be independent in troubleshooting in Acronis backup failure and don't want have to reach out for help for every failure. Thanks so much for your time and help. Appreciate 

Task 'All-VM-ServersbutFS' failed: 'Failed to create a backup.
Additional info: 
Error code: 3
Module: 435
LineInfo: 555b5abba0950340
Message: Failed to create a backup.
Error code: 32786
Module: 114
LineInfo: 28314c961de7d337
Message: Failed to prepare for backing up.
Error code: 353
Module: 149
LineInfo: a71592046cb2c5f6
Message: Failed to back up the group.
Error code: 2
Module: 218
LineInfo: 338a407ad20e0987
Message: Error occurred while running the backup and recovery engine.
Error code: 239
Module: 83
LineInfo: b7e5b06ccbf4eac0
Message: Failed to execute agent 'cscript /NoLogo A36D0BF7-6BE3-43D7-8FD0-21FA6BD601FE.js' with parameters '{ }'.
Error code: 240
Module: 83
LineInfo: a83807079d0431a
Message: Failed to run script 'cd "C:\Users\ADMINI~1.CA\AppData\Local\Temp\74E8DF3F-4A27-44C8-94E8-542407DC64E5\" && cscript /NoLogo A36D0BF7-6BE3-43D7-8FD0-21FA6BD601FE.js >0A1FA542-9557-41C1-965E-BE79CDBCFF35'.
Error code: 139
Module: 83
LineInfo: a83807079d04314
Fields: RetCode : 1

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