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Exchange 2010 Backup Warning

Thread needs solution
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Acronis VMProtect 8.0., VMware ESXi 5.0.0 Build-3086167. Exchange Server 2010 on Server 2008 R2, throwing the following warning since three days. Backup continues and validates OK. What might cause the error? How can I fix it?


Zusammenstellen der Metadaten fehlgeschlagen.
Zusätzliche Info: 
Fehlercode: 370
Module: 149
Zeileninfo: 4db9605401c152b4
Nachricht: Zusammenstellen der Metadaten fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 239
Module: 83
Zeileninfo: b7e5b06ccbf4eabe
Nachricht: Ausführen des Agenten 'exchange_backup_agent.exe' mit den Parametern '{ --archive_path, C:\Users\ADMINI~1.VAM\AppData\Local\Temp\01316C7B-F602-44A9-AB82-CFE854BB6A29\meta\, --archive_name, meta }' fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 240
Module: 83
Zeileninfo: a83807079d04306
Nachricht: Ausführung des Skripts 'cd "C:\Users\ADMINI~1.VAM\AppData\Local\Temp\01316C7B-F602-44A9-AB82-CFE854BB6A29\" && exchange_backup_agent.exe "--archive_path" "C:\\Users\\ADMINI~1.VAM\\AppData\\Local\\Temp\\01316C7B-F602-44A9-AB82-CFE854BB6A29\\meta\\" "--archive_name" "meta">2037D11A-3ACD-4811-83A3-22A7EAA7EC5B' fehlgeschlagen.
Fehlercode: 139
Module: 83
Zeileninfo: 8551c5c00e774fa9
Nachricht: Gast-API-Aufruf von 'ListProcessesInGuest' kann nicht verarbeitet werden.
Fehlercode: 257
Module: 83
Zeileninfo: 8551c5c00e774fcc
Felder: faultTypeId : 140
Nachricht: SOAP-Fehlercode: '12', Beschreibung: 'fault.GuestOperationsUnavailable.summary', Detail: 'Keine Details.'

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Acronis Program Manager
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The warning is thrown as part of application-aware processing of the VM backup - first there is a code executed inside VM (to prepare guest OS of the VM for applications metadata collection and processing) which relies on VMware Tools - the "ListProcessesInGuest" API call is returning VMware-specific error "'fault.GuestOperationsUnavailable.summary'" which means that VMware Tools didn't respond properly to the request. There is no simple way to get rid of this warning besides trying to reduce load onto VM at the time when backup should be executed OR try to provide more RAM/CPU resources to the VM, so that VMware Tools had more chances to respond properly.

Thank you.