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How to retrieve registration email address and/or move server running Acronis backup for VMWare 9.2 to different domain?

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Dear Sir,

Our company recently inherited a setup whereby there is a server running Acronis Backup for VMWare v9.2; I have the serial numbers for the installation, but do not know the email address that the product was registered under.  I have the installation file for Acronis Backup for VMWare v8.128, but don't have the installation files for v9.2.  And since I don't have access to the email address under which the product was registered under, I've currently no means of downloading the install file from Acronis' website to reinstall.

The issue is that management decided to migrate the LAN site to a new domain.  The server running Acronis Backup for VMWare v9.2 is still part of the old domain.  When we attempt to join this server to the new domain, Acronis Backup for VMWare v9.2 won't start up (even after we assign the Acronis services to run under an account on the new domain).  

Can anyone provide some insights as to either (1) how to resolve this issue of moving this server over to a new domain without breaking Acronis, or (2) how to retrieve or change the email address that the product was registered under (to gain access to download files), by using just the serial numbers I have for v9.2?




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Hi Roy,

Most likely the installation problem is caused by the fact that Acronis services are running under old domain credentials, but changing them to new domain might be a complicated task (anything may go wrong here). Therefore the most reliable way to perform the migration of Acronis Backup for VMware server machine to new domain would be the following:

1) Capture the backup configuration from web console interface: Configure->Agent Settings->Export/Import to save it somewhere

2) Uninstall Acronis Backup for VMware

3) Join the machine to new domain

4) Install the product back again.

5) Import the previously saved backup configuration

You can use this link to download the installation file.

In order to retrieve the e-mail address which was used to register the serial numbers you have, you can send me those SNs in a private forum message, so that I can check and advise accordingly.

Thank you.