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Improvement proposal Logfiles: Display machine name

Thread needs solution
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Hi there,

I find it very annoying to "walk" across the logfiles and to identify one machine that made the backup fail. I would like to suggest to change the logfiles, that are sent via mail, so that each backup starts with the machine name that is currently backuped and with a success or fail line.

If backup fails, it's hard to find out which machine is making it fail, if you backup a bunch of machines with one single backup task.

Is there a way get this changed?

Kind Regards


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Acronis Program Manager
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Hi Hanns,

The e-mail notification system is improved only in the next version of Acronis Backup (v12) which is in open Beta right now (you can check it here). Acronis Backup 12 uses resource-centric approach in GUI and the same approach is used for e-mail notifications, i.e. there is a central place to configure e-mail notifications (rather than per-backup plan) and an e-mail sent for each resource being backed up, so it's easier to identify the exact machine failing backup by e-mail subject which lists the resource name, and backup execution status.

There will be an upgrade path from the current version of Acronis Backup for VMware to Acronis Backup 12 after it is released, so existing customers with active maintenance agreement will be eligible for free upgrade to this version.

Thank you.