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Thread needs solution
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 we just signed up as a new partner with Acronis.  I have been studying the API docs at http://dl.acronis.com/u/raml-console/1.0/?raml=https://us5-cloud.acronis.com/api/2/raml/api_ssi.raml&withCredentials=true

and I have no problem running GET commands with basic authentication.  However some commands require oAuth and I cannot find anywhere where I get my clientID and secret.

Can you assist?


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Hello Curt,

Thank you for your posting! I'd recommend contacting Acronis Professional Services for Service Providers regarding the issue  https://www.acronis.com/en-us/business/enterprise-solutions/professional-services/#service-providers This team is better placed to provide assistance with your task. 

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Dear Curt,

We are opening the API and creating detailed documentation. You can find documentation at the Acronis Developer Network Portal https://developer.acronis.com/doc/