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Bare metal restore of Exchange 2019 Server and Outlook 2019 Client wont connect

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In my office, I have brand new Windows 2019 Server, running Exchange 2019
I also have around 12 new client PCs, running Windows 10 and Office 2019
All of the above have the Cyber backup 12.5 agent installed, backups appear to be working fine
At my offsite location, I have an identical hardware fileserver, and identical client PC for offsite disaster recovery and backup/restore testing
I use the Acronis ISO boot media and restore the fileserver from its image. Apart from the dirty Exchange shutdown documented on your support site, this appears to work and come up as intended. Thank you – looks good.
I use the same technique and restore the client from a client backup. That too appears to work perfectly. For all applications except Outlook 2019.
Mailboxes are mounted, On my offsite restored network of 1 server and 1 workstation I can connect and see email using Outlook Web Access
BUT if I try to use Outlook 2019 to connect to Exchange, it refuses, giving error “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook Windows. The set of folders could not be opened”
I have spent now a long time trying to get this to work. I have looked hard at the certificate installed on the Exchange server, which is clearly invalid on the restore server. After installing other certificates, I have concluded that this is not the issue. I have read more about “Outlook connection issues due to RPC encryption requirement” . Can this be the issue? But what useis a restored Exchange 2019 server if we cannot connect Outlook clients?
I hope you can help us resolve
Many thanks
Phil Daft
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Hello Phil,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

The error “Cannot start Microsoft Office Outlook. Unable to open the Outlook Windows. The set of folders could not be opened” indicates that the Outlook data file got corrupted in the backup. 

Please try Step 4 from this instruction: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/272227/how-to-repair-your-outlook-personal-folder-file-pst

It could have been corrupted during a backup e.g. due to issues with VSS services on the source system. However, we can't specify the exact reason without investigation.