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Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 5 Build: 5.0.0-140 is available!

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Hello Everyone,

Please be aware about the Hotfix 1 release for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 5.0.

Build: 5.0.0-140

Fixed issues:
  • [VSTOR-50690] An invalid JSON data is returned for the S3 Usage Object.
  • [VSTOR-50626] Different storage services may not restart due to a deadlock in the signal handler.
  • [VSTOR-50277, VSTOR-50725, VSTOR-50726, VSTOR-50968] Stability fixes for Backup Gateway and object storage.
Released notes are available here: https://dl.acronis.com/u/vstorage/relnotes.html
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our cluster is still degraded days after replacing a HD in Node 1.


We are unable to download the update while this is ongoing