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New build for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.5 Update 1 is available!

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Hello Everyone,

please be aware of a hotfix 2 for Acronis Cyber Infrastructure 4.5 Update 1 that was published yesterday.

Build number: 4.5.1-42

Fixed issues:

  • [VSTOR-43250] Load balancer members are not displayed in the self-service panel.
  • [VSTOR-43236] A Kubernetes VM's system disk may be out of space due to Podman logs.
  • [VSTOR-43080] Fixes a problem with disks invisible inside a VM after backup or restore.
  • [VSTOR-41499] Increase a limit for remote console ports.
  • [VSTOR-43393] A stability improvement for the storage service.

Updated release notes: https://dl.acronis.com/u/vstorage/relnotes.html

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