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Thread needs solution
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We are working on an endpoint for validating the size of a folder before restoring. Currently we are using the following endpoint to retrieve the size (internal api):




This does not give us the full, recursive size however. Example output from the api:


 'fullPath' => 'nvme0n1p1:/home/acronistest/acronistestcom/html',
 'size' => 24,


Expected size:

du -b /home/acronistest/acronistestcom/html | awk 'NR==1{print $1}'


Is there another endpoint which includes the full size of folders, or would we have to find a solution for this ourselves?


Thanks! Also, please let me know who to contact with questions about the internal api. We have been contacting Stanislav previously, but it seems that his email address does not exist anymore.

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Acronis engineer
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Hello Malin,

I've sent you a private message as this request is about non-public API.

Thank you.