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After update server can't update virtual appliances

Thread needs solution
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Failed to download the virtual appliance update.

i have something like this in all properties:


    "msg": "Get http : // dial tcp i/o timeout"


when i try to open http : //

there is error on the page



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Hello Marek,

thank you for posting on this forum!

We recommend that you download the newly updated virtual appliance manually from your Acronis account and deploy it.

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After last update the same. I have many virtual aplliances.

So i have to every time install from the beginning, made ip configuration etc???

Would it be resolved in next patch? 


or why Dont You just bring http : //  online???



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Hello Marek,

if the issue still reproduces, please open a support ticket for investigation, so that our engineers can find the root cause for the failure.