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Cyber Backup 15 - tasks not starting

Thread needs solution
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we use some cleaning and replication tasks in our Cyber Backup 15 (Build 27009) environment which all have the same problem: No automatic start as scheduled. I tried:

- Re-creation of the task from scratch

- Change the agent (tasks start once, then never)

- Run tasks from CLI: Result always the same, 0 seconds of time but tasks is succesfull

- acrocmd lists task do'nt show the configured tasks on the agent


Any tips or ideas?


Many thanks,



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Hello Erik!

You can try the scheduler manager utility. Run it on the machine(s) with the agent that would perform the tasks.

I had a cleanup plan that refused to start as scheduled, recreating had no effect. The scheduler utility showed no tasks, but since I exectued 'task zap' it works.

-- Peter

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Hello Erik,

thank you for posting on Acronis forums!

There could be various reasons for this issue. The most common is that the task is created on AMS but is not applied on the Agent (e.g. this Agent was inaccessible at this moment).

Thus we recommend that you open a support case for investigation with Acronis Support Team. You will need to reproduce the task start failure and collect Acronis System Information from both Agent and AMS.

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Hello Maria,

Hello Peter,

after upgrading to build 28035 the cleanup job works now as expected; but the replication jobs not. After recreation the replication is started one time automatically, then never again...

There ist no failure, because there is no action at the configured range of time ...

Many thanks,


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Replication tasks use different mechanics, you don't even get their proper IDs without digging into the Backup Manager database.

These are the unloved and widely ignored stepchild of all later Acronis Cyber Backup releases since at least 12.5 and not reliable at all.

Sometimes it helps to export such task, delete it, import it again, edit it (since the process is losing stored credentials and encryption passwords from the task without telling you straight) and if you are lucky it will run again (and may at any later time suddenly stop again without notice.

I wrote skripts to check the content of the target disks and send me a mail with the result.

Best greetings from Germany