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Message "Failed to apply NGMP definitions"

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Starting Dec 26 I have been getting multiple warnings a day "Failed to apply NGMP definitions" with Cyber Protect 15.0 when "Updating Cyber Protect definitions". Also the Vulnerability Assessment task fails "Vulnerability assessment scan failed". Never happened before Dec 26. Any ideas? This is console version 15.0.4320 and server version 15.0.27009 . 

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Hello Jim,

Welcome to Acronis forums!

Please check in their environment if some software is blocking Acronis services. 

Firewall settings for Acronis products - https://kb.acronis.com/brandmauer

If third-party software is using the same port, check if that software can be reconfigured to use a different port or consider uninstalling it.

Some ports for Acronis components can be changed as well (depends on component and port).