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Linux Servers Failing to Backup "The Server Refused Connection"

Thread needs solution
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We're having an odd issue here. We have a few Linux Red Hat and CentOS VMs that need to be backed up. For some reason these are failing. All of our windows devices are backing up without issue - only the Linux boxes are having problems.

- All Linux VMs display the same error, and suberrors

- All of our Windows servers are backing up.

- We're using the same Acronis Agent for the Windows devices and the Linux devices. 

- All VMs are all hosted behind the same VMWare hosts.


The following suberror codes are showing up on all failed Linux Backups:


"code": 20250646,
"code": 20119593,
"code": 20250677,
"code": 7503931,
"code": 7503950,
"code": 7503949,
"code": 7503890, 

"code": 10551548,
"code": 21561347,
"code": 66596,
"code": 9764877,
"code": 7503875,
"code": 5439582,
"code": 14009,


Thank you!


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Support Engineer
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Hi, Brent. 

This will need to be looked at in greater detail. 

For this purpose please open a case with out support team and we will happily assist.


Thank you for your time.