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Acronis Cyber Protect Home no longer runs the backup in cloud

Thread needs solution
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The error, translated in english, is "error while reading the file" in 2 pc. I don't understand the problem. What can I do? I downloaded MVP Assistant but I don't know how to use it:



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This issue has also been eluding me.  I think it's because I'm on an old PC.  A DELL LATITUDE E6410 manufactured all the back in March, 2011.

    At least I have a brand new Asus ProArt StudioBook laptop that I can't wait to use!  But, until I can move out of the nursing facility I am currently at, my DELL will have to suffice. I'm just glad it runs Windows 10!

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Maxwell, Ryan,  please can you provide more information on what exactly you are reporting here, what issue you are seeing etc?

The version of Acronis software being used is shown very clearly on the Account page in the GUI, so a quick screen image of that will show what it is.

For the new MVP Assistant tool, you just need to download the zip file containing the tool, extract this to a suitable folder, i.e. I normally extract it to either C:\MVP or D:\MVP then from that folder run the MVPAssistant.exe program as Administrator.

Once the tool is launched, then click on the Log Viewer option from the left column and this will show you a list of available logs with the important ones highlighted in blue.

If you have Disks & Partitions backups created on ATI 2020 or later using .tibx files, then look in the Backup Worker logs.

If you have Files & Folders backups using .tib files (or Disk backups from earlier versions using .tib files) or using Cloning then look in the Demon logs.

The log files should be zipped to preserve their original file names if sharing in the forums and would need to be less than 3MB in size, otherwise you would need to share the zip file via a Cloud share service such as OneDrive, Dropbox etc.

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Thank you for your feedback, Steve!