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Disk Director 12 finds no items (no partition) on HP ProDesk 600 (SSD)

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I use Acronis Disk Director 12 (Build 12.0.3223).

Now, I have a new HP ProDesk 600. When I run Acronis Disk Director on startup, I get the message "No item to display".

Why is the SSD not recognized? Is there a newer version?

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Hi Michael,

welcome to Acronis forums! 

First of all, please make sure the drive has supported sector size (logical sector size of drives must be 512 bytes) and file system, refer to Acronis Disk Director 12: Supported Storage Devices and Supported File Systems

If the drive is question is a completely brand new SSD you've just bought and connected to the PC, then it likely requires being initialized, see How to format a new hard drive on Windows 10

If neither of the above was helpful, try to re-install the software as follows:

- temporarily disable the anti-virus software, if any installed
- right-click on the installation file and choose Run as Administrator, even if you're logged in to the system as admin. This option will give additional level of privileges