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recover LDM database of dynamic disk

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I have 3 physical disks merged into two volumes (D:\ and S:\) using dynamic disks as Spanned Volumes GPT.

I have made a mistake of changing volume letter from S:\ to T:\. Since then all phisical disks are unavailable. In Disk Manager status is "offline" and "invalid". Any attempt to launch Disk Director - throw exceptions - "LDM data is corrupt".

1. If i plug\unplug each phisical disk will it make them visible? Will i be able to restore all data by creating a dynamic disk again?

2. Can i change volume letter back and restore functionality?

3. If i understand correctly i can edit LDM database using HxD or Sector Inspector. What should i look for to change letter in LDM database?

4. Is there any other product except Disk Director that i can buy and use to solve it?

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Somehow your post ended up in the TrueImage 2020 forum rather than the Disk Director forum. What version and build of Disk Director are you using? I suggest reposting in the Appropriate forum.


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You should change the drive letter back to what is was originally, that should allow you to have access to the volume.

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I was able to solve my problem. Using https://dmde.com/.

I scanned physicalDisk's and recreated partitions including LDM database to access files.

Copied all essential data to backup and formated disks.