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Acronis Files Connect & Azure File Storage

Thread needs solution
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Unsure if this forum is overly active or not. 
We had a request logged with Acronis to discuss but I thought it would be worth adding a post here. 

We're trialling Acronis Files Connect with network reshare
Reshares are configured using DFS namespace addresses configured from Azure File Storage Accounts on a dedicated server where Acronis Files Connect is running. 

Apple Macs are then connecting to the AFP address.

The guidance was followed step by step to set up but we're seeing some odd behaviour. 
Copying a file into the same directory (or other) will result in the file presenting as zero KB on a mac. When queried directly on the server the copied file is the same size as the original file. 
We're also seeing an issue with copying in which when a single copy of a file is initiated, Finder will start creating multiple copies. The only way to stop it is to kill the finder and relaunch. 

Has anyone else attempted hosting AFP shares via Azure File Storage accounts in the same way? Any successes? Any failures? Would be good to know what's worked, what hasn't to confirm if this is a viable solution.

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Hello David,

welcome to Acronis forums! I'm afraid finding the root cause for this issue would require the more in-depth investigation with the help of Acronis engineers. As per the records in our internal system you already have an open ticket. Would you mind sharing the outcome with the community?