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acronis telemetry service

Thread needs solution
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the ransomware service is sending continously data to telemetry.acronis.com:443 34KB of upload each time.

What is send about my pc to you? how can i see what was sent? how to optout telemetry?

i use true image 2020

why upload of screenshot proof failed?
The file could not be uploaded.
The file could not be uploaded.

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Hello aro not,

welcome to Acronis forum! Acronis Active Protection is sending information about the detected suspicious activity for analysis. Based on this statistic we can improve the Active Protection technology.

The telemetry is collected only for accounts participating in the Acronis Customer Experience Program. To leave the program, clear the Participate in the Acronis Customer Experience Program check box, for details refer to https://www.acronis.com/support/documentation/ATI2020/index.html#6387.html

The file could not be uploaded. - this issue has been fixed, please let me know if you still experience any issues with the file upload

Thank you!