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Harmless programs marked as 'suspicious'

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Are there any adverse consequences to their normal functioning if programs are identified as 'suspicious'. I have recently upgraded to ATI 2018, and Ransomware Protection is included in the 'package'. All the running programs identified as 'suspicious' on my systems are applications and/or services that I know to be benign. On my primary system, I was able to add all the misidentified programs to the whitelist, but on my other desktop system a number of them are running from 'hidden' and/or 'system' files which apparently cannot be seen or opened by the file browser for the whitelist (even if they have been made visible in File Explorer). This currently doesn't seem to be causing any problems, but I would like to know what, if anything, 'suspicious' programs are prevented from doing, so that I can decide whether or not I should disable the Ransomware Protection functionality on this system.

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Hello Peter,

thank you for raising this question! When Acronis Active Protection marks a process as 'suspicious', it doesn't limit it's operations, just starts monitoring the activity of the suspicious process. If the same process has been caught in malicious actions, a user will be advised to block the process and recover the injected files if necessary. For more information please refer to Acronis Ransomware Protection FAQ

Thank you,